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Mithoff Law was founded in 1984 by top personal injury lawyer Richard Warren Mithoff. Having earned a reputation for being one of the “top ten lawyers in the state” for his work in personal injury and business litigation in Houston, Texas, and the nation beginning in 1973 with legendary trial lawyer Joe Jamail, Mithoff and his team at Mithoff Law are sought out by a broad range of clients in need of personal injury representation and commercial litigation. Whether you’re a family devastated by wrongful death or a Fortune 500 company involved in complex commercial litigation, Mithoff Law knows how to position your case for the best possible results.

Our Principles


Whether you’re seeking justice for yourself or an entire organization, Mithoff Law is 100% dedicated to achieving the successful outcome your case deserves.



Mithoff lawyers have been doing things the right way for more than 50 years. That means no shortcuts, and representation you can truly rely on.


With our track record of precedent-setting wins, Mithoff Law is recognized and sought after by some of the biggest names in business.

“I knew right away that Richard was going to be a great lawyer. He’s much more of a gentleman than I am, but he’s every bit as good in the courtroom.”

– Joe Jamail

Texas legal titan know as the “King of Torts”

 “Juries and judges respect Richard because he’s honest and he’s a damn good lawyer.”

– Richard “Racehorse” Haynes

Famed Houston criminal defense lawyer

“A powerhouse attorney.”

– Houston


Groundbreaking Cases

Mithoff Law’s award-winning attorneys have won our clients billions of dollars in some of our country’s most memorable trials and settlements, including those regarding:

Mithoff represented Harris county against big tobacco (and served as co-lead counsel for other Texas counties) during litigation that won counties a multi-million dollar settlement.

Mithoff was the first lawyer to win a product liability breast implant case in favor of the plaintiff, who suffered from severe medical issues due to the implants leaking.

Mithoff represented families of seven elderly victims and was appointed lead liaison counsel for the families of all of the 23 elderly victims of the Hurricane Rita bus fire litigation.

Other high-profile clients include J.P. Morgan Chase, the Texas Heart Institute, the Houston Rockets, ConocoPhillips, Willie Nelson, the Texas Democratic Party, and more.

Practice Areas

Mithoff Law is both a Houston personal injury law firm and a Houston business litigation law firm. We have years of experience bringing cases like yours to trial—and winning. To learn what one of the best law firms in the nation can do for you, explore our frequently-viewed pages: