Client Testimonials

“Clients flock to Mithoff, knowing he can get the job done quickly.”

- Lawyers Weekly

Group of Mithoff Attorneys

“There is no doubt in our minds that we were represented by one of the most outstanding law firms in the business. Your courtroom skills and demeanor made us proud to have someone like you and your firm represent us.”


“Your collective effort and unselfish dedication to our case has produced this astounding and personally very fulfilling verdict. Your exhaustive preparation, and intimacy with every details was obvious as I observed our flawless strategy, and Richard’s brilliant presentation of our case.”


“Needless to say, your skill, your dedication and your results help every lawyer in the country trying to obtain reasonable compensation for people killed and injured as a consequence of corporate negligence, indifference and concern only for the bottom line. Don’t ever think about cutting back. The citizens need you and our justice system needs you.”


“What could we give you as an adequate expression of our appreciation for your help in our darkest times? It would take the wisdom of Solomon and the riches of a nation, neither of which we have. Let us say then, in the most meager and humble of words, thank you, Richard Mithoff.”


“Our attorney friends keep asking us ‘what was his strategy?’ I keep trying to tell them that it’s something you don’t find in law books. His magic comes from a refined sense of people, an empathy for people, a love for people. He moved his way through a trial intuitively. Not everyone can understand that. I’m sure you do. ”