Wrongful Death


We have been retained in many areas of complex wrongful death litigation. We prepare every case for trial and put the client in the best position to win.

We have been successful in a wide range of cases, achieving in many instances precedent-setting results, including:

Mithoff Law represented the surviving spouse and children of a cyclist who was killed when the bicycle collided with a truck and trailer owned and operated by The Brickman Group, which holds itself out as the largest commercial landscape maintenance firm in the United States.  Plaintiffs allege that The Brickman Group was negligent in its operation of the truck and trailer involved in the collision.  Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff and Janie Jordan represent the Plaintiffs. Jury verdict: $39.95 million

Mithoff Law represents a truck driver who was injured as a result of a multi-truck collision involving a truck operated by Sunrise Trucking.  Plaintiff alleges that Sunrise Trucking negligently entrusted the truck to its driver, and that the driver was negligent in his operation of the truck.  Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff and Janie Jordan represent the Plaintiff.

Mithoff Law represents a motorist who sustained severe injuries, including paraplegia, as a result of a rollover of a Nissan Titan pickup that was driving along a stretch of state highway under construction.  The roadway in question was under excavation, and had an unmarked substantial drop-off into dirt, gravel, and/or caliche.  Plaintiff alleges that certain roadway contractors were negligent with respect to their operations on or near the roadway.  Plaintiff also alleges that the Nissan Titan pickup in question was defective and unreasonably dangerous, due in part to a lack of electronic stability control.  Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff, Janie Jordan, and Warner Hocker represent the Plaintiff.

Mithoff Law represents the wrongful death beneficiaries of an electrical lineman who was electrocuted and killed while working from a helicopter that lowered the worker onto an electrical tower, when the worker came into contact with an energized wire.  Plaintiffs have asserted negligence and gross negligence claims against the operator of the helicopter, Source Helicopters, and negligence claims against the owner and/or operator of the electrical transmission tower and lines, Entergy. The suit is presently pending in federal district court in the Eastern District of Texas.  Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff, Janie Jordan, Joseph R. Alexander, Jr. and Warner Hocker represent the Plaintiffs.

Mithoff Law represents a wrongful death beneficiary of a repairman who was electrocuted and killed when he came into contact with an electrified portion of a dryer booster fan installed in the attic of a home in which the repairman was working.  Plaintiff has asserted negligence, gross negligence, and breach of the implied warranty of habitability claims against the homebuilder, Highland Homes.  Plaintiff has also asserted negligence and gross negligence claims against subcontractors involved in the construction of the home, House of Power and Capital Air & Heat.  A state district court in Harris County, Texas, recently denied the homebuilder’s traditional and no-evidence motion for summary judgment which asserted, among other arguments, that the homebuilder owed no duty to the repairman as a matter of law, and also asserted that the repairman’s wrongful death beneficiaries lacked standing to bring a claim founded upon the implied warranty of habitability. The suit is presently pending in state district court in Harris County, Texas.  Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff, Joseph R. Alexander Jr., and Warner Hocker represent the Plaintiff

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