Personal Injury


When people are injured in an accident, due to a defective or malfunctioning device or through the negligence of others, Mithoff Law works to make sure the injured party gets justice. We frequently insist on changes in policies or procedures or design or manufacture to ensure safety for others.  Personal injury claims are varied and can occur under all manner of circumstances or in nearly any industry or setting.  We have extensive experience in a wide-range of personal injury scenarios, often involving multiple defendants and contributing causes.

An example of the recent work of Mithoff Law:

Mithoff Law represented the family members and rider of a Trek mountain bike, which experienced a separation of its front wheel while being ridden. The rider of the bicycle was pitched forward from his bicycle and suffered serious spinal injuries, including quadriplegia, as a result.  Plaintiffs alleged that the bicycle—including component parts thereof, such as the quick-release skewer that attached the front wheel to the bicycle’s front fork—was defectively designed, manufactured, and marketed. The lawsuit was settled for a confidential amount prior to trial. Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff, Joe Alexander and Warner Hocker represented the Plaintiffs.

Mithoff Law represented the family of a college student who was murdered in her apartment complex by a member of the maintenance staff. Plaintiffs alleged that the complex owners and property manager were negligent and grossly negligent in several respects, including with respect to the hiring and screening of employees, as the maintenance man was hired despite failing to pass a pre-employment drug screening. Plaintiffs also alleged that the complex owners and property manager were negligent and grossly negligent by failing to properly supervise employees, and by allowing employees unsupervised use of a key-making machine. The lawsuit settled during trial. Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff and Sherie Beckman represented the Plaintiffs.

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