Medical Malpractice


Some patients become victims of unqualified or impaired medical professionals, who fail to provide treatment that comports with the appropriate standard of care.  Tragically, these cases often involve serious injury or death.  Mithoff Law has represented many clients in this field of practice, and has attorneys and subject matter experts that are well-versed in the legal and medical knowledge necessary to pursue such claims.  We have pursued all manner of medical malpractice claims, involving medical specialties as diverse as bariatric surgery, pediatric care, oncology, anesthesiology, and nursing care, to name but a few.  The claims we have pursued often involve death or serious injury, such as quadriplegia, paraplegia, or brain injury.  We employ a registered nurse to assist in the review and preparation of claims.  Our team is experienced in navigating the substantial medico-legal hurdles imposed in Texas as a result of tort reform, and is prepared to review any potential medical malpractice claim.

A recent example of Mithoff Law's work:

Mithoff Law represents a patient and patient’s family with respect to claims that the patient was misinformed about the results of genetic testing for cancer risk.  Plaintiffs allege that the treating physician, and Myriad Genetics, a genetics-testing laboratory, were negligent with respect to the treatment in question.  Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff and Warner Hocker represent the Plaintiffs.

Mithoff Law represented a patient who suffered a severe and permanently disabling brain injury during a surgical procedure. Plaintiffs alleged that the hospital and physician were negligent in, among other acts, failing to properly assess and monitor the patient’s reaction to anesthesia and pain medication during surgery, and failing to properly and timely diagnose and treat the patient post-operatively. The lawsuit was settled for a confidential amount prior to trial.  Mithoff Law attorneys Richard Mithoff and Joe Alexander represented the Plaintiffs.


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