Strategic Advantage

"Mithoff is a master at connecting with a jury."

- Texas Super Lawyers

Richard Mithoff in Court

Given the number of high-profile cases tried by Mithoff Law, you might expect the firm’s lawyers to number in the dozens. But in truth, there are only five, including Mithoff himself. "I keep the firm small and lean on purpose," he explains. "If we’re working on a commercial case, usually the client already has a law firm they work with on a day-to-day basis. That firm is able to assist with discovery and briefing, allowing me to focus on the big picture and the strategic decisions needed to win the case. This is especially helpful in cases that are document intensive," he says. "It also allows the client to continue working with a firm they’ve already built a comfort level with."

When necessary, Mithoff also associates with outside firms based on the needs of a particular case. "If it’s an oil and gas case, I associate with a firm that has oil and gas expertise. A patent case, I associate with patent attorneys. They provide the subject matter expertise. We provide the litigation expertise. We don’t need dozens of lawyers with dozens of specialties in my office. We have very good trial lawyers and the flexibility to staff up to meet whatever the client’s needs are for each particular case. Our goal is to put the client in the best position to win."

2014 Lifetime of Excellence in Advocacy Award 
Texas Association of Civil Trial & Appellate Specialists

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